Yamaha O2R V2 Digital Recording Console

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Yamaha O2R V2 Digital Recording Console

From the company that pioneered digital mixing consoles and leads the industry with its acclaimed DSP technology comes the 02R Digital mixing Console—the most advanced digital mixing console in the world. All of Yamaha’s experience and innovation has been applied to the 02R, to create a perfect mixer for use with the current generation of modular digital multitrack tape and disk recorders. With the 02R you can record and mix directly to your modular digital multitrack recorder without ever leaving the sonic purity of the digital domain. It is a 40 input channel mixer, each with full dynamic processing and 4-band parametric EQ, plus two stereo internal effects returns. It comes with 24 analog inputs, featuring 20-bit 64-times oversampling analog-to-digital conversion. By adding one of the optional digital I/O cards, you can also have 8 channels of direct digital input. Depending on configuration, up to four cards can be inserted into the 02R. The cards allow you to select from any of the currently used formats (ADAT®, TDIFTM, Yamaha, or AES/EBU). The optional cards allow you to route up to 16 outputs directly to your modular digital multitrack recorder. In addition, you can insert a Digital Cascade card into one of the I/O slots, allowing you to connect multiple 02Rs together to create a larger digital mixing system. The 02R is a fully dynamic automated mixing console—all referenced to timecode. Its onboard automix system memorizes not just the faders, but a myriad of parameters. Switch individual channels on or off, adjust the EQ or the pan position, change the auxiliary send, and recall any scene memory—automatically. There are 96 internal scene memories which can store every digital mix parameter in a “snapshot” providing instant recall and reset. The 02R features Yamaha’s latest generation 32-bit proprietary audio DSP. All of your mix data is processed internally with 32-bit precision. Using the power of the latest generation effects processor chip, it also has a startling range of effects available: shimmering reverbs, clean, precise delays, flanging and chorus, and other effects are built into this mixer. It also features dynamics processors on all the inputs, allowing you to compress, limit, or gate the signals, giving you unparalleled sonic quality and flexibility. The 02R samples audio at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz using its internal clock, and can sample at any frequency from 28 kHz to 53 kHz when an external word clock is applied.


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