Yamaha AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer

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Yamaha AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer

Yamaha AN1x for Sale with power supply. In Excellent condition, but the volume knob fell off and is missing (post is still there and you can buy replacement knobs online) The AN1x has a maximum polyphony of 10 notes, although the actual polyphony depends upon whether the voice is Single (monotimbral; a single Scene) or Dual (two scenes layered or split), whether it is in Mono or Poly mode, and whether the note-multiplying Unison mode is active. Dual mode halves polyphony to 5 per voice, dividing each of the two 5-note processors in the synth to one Scene respectively. In Mono or Dual modes, Unison uses five notes per key per Scene for a Single voice (1 processor x 5 notes) or two notes per key for a Dual voice (2 processors x 1 timbre per processor); thus, in Dual/Mono/Unison mode, the synthesizer is monophonic for each of the two Scenes. In Poly mode, Unison is only possible for Single voices (each key takes 2 notes, of the same timbre, one from each of the two processors). The voice architecture is based on a twin-oscillator with multi-mode filter design. Available waveforms are: Pulse-Width Modulation, Saw,Square, Saw2 (behaves in a different way than "Saw" when used with PWM), and Saw/Square "mix". Additional waves (Inner1-3) are available for OSC1 in oscillator sync mode. Triangle and Sine are achieved by altering the Edge of Pulse Waves. The Edge tool (wave shaping), also enables extensive intermediate waves. OSC1 additionally has a tuneable 'slave' (Sub) oscillator when activated via multiple 'sync algorithms'. The AN1x has 4 FM Frequency Modulation algorithms, where OSC1 is modulated by OSC2. Finally there is ring modulation and white noise. For each Scene, amplitude, filter, and pitch envelopes plus a 3 band equaliser affect the combined two oscillators on a per-note basis, and two LFOs, the first with more capabilities (21 waveforms), affect all notes at once (i.e. monophonic LFOs). The AN1x also offers a non-resonant high-pass filter in series as well as a multimode resonant filter, offering: LPF (-12db, -18db, -24db), HPF (-12db), BPH & BEF, which is capable of self oscillation. feedback from the VCA is routed back to the mixer of oscillators before the main filter, and frequency modulation can be used alongside oscillator sync. Finally, a digital multi-effect, reverb and delay system can process the output of the Scene(s). Effects are assigned per patch/voice. The AN1x also features both an arpeggiator with 30 preset patterns and a step-sequencer with 16 steps. Both can output to MIDI and sync to MIDI timecode, and the arpeggiator can also be applied to incoming MIDI data. Furthermore, the notes may be fixed or transposed via the synth's own keyboard or MIDI input. The step sequencer can be used to send control data, such as filter cutoff value or notes, to the synth's own tone generator or to MIDI output. A "Free EG" allows the user to record knob movements for up to four parameters for a duration of up to 16 seconds each, or 8 bars that are tempo linked. (NOTE: If the tempo were set to 40bpm, with a 4/4 count, this would result in: 1 beat every 1.5s = 1 bar every 6 secs. 6s x8 (bars) would equate to 48 seconds of sequence). These parameter changes can then be applied to live performance.


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