X-Rack SSL Buss Comp + Mynx Rack

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Yann's Gear

Montreal, Quebec, Canada



X-Rack SSL Buss Comp + Mynx Rack

Super cool compressor G Bus Comp. Instant "sounds like a record". Stop wasting your time with plugins! This is THE sound of SSL compression for mix bus. Bonus: comes with its MYNX rack. Includes power supply. Works really good. So it makes it portable and looks cool on a studio desk. I am selling it because I am moving to France, and I need to seel most of my gear, I would have keep it if I wasn't moving. PS: The music store had that good idea of putting stickers directly on the Mynx... so it left some residue. As you can see in the picture. These can be easily removed with some love and elbow grease. ;-)


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