West Coast Custom 16” x 40” Pedalboard in Surf Green Tolex with Mondo Power Supply

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West Coast Custom 16” x 40” Pedalboard in Surf Green Tolex with Mondo Power Supply

This is a custom pedal board made by West Coast Pedalboards out of California in surf green tolex (with tan racing stripes). Nominal dimensions are 16” x 40” overall with 15”x38” actual space. 5” riser in back and 2” in front. This has been pre-wired for 1 input and stereo/mono outputs. It has an integrated power supply connector on the side w/ 12 ft cable, power switch, and red jewel power indicator. It has slats to allow cables to be run underneath. This has seen very little use outside my home (compared to my original intentions :( ). I've taken closeups of any scuffs (there is a light pink scuff near the stereo outputs, a little corner scuffing on one side, and the tolex seam has slightly separated on 2 corners but is not coming apart. Also included is a Voodoo Labs mondo power supply with all the connector cables. Thanks so much for looking - if you go to their website, you’ll see they make a fantastic product and this is a great deal on a very gently used one! Please ask all questions as all sales are final and no shipping outside the Lower 48 US.


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