Séquencer Genoqs Nemo « black edition »

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Mo Bembo

Lathus-Saint-Remy, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France




Séquencer Genoqs Nemo « black edition »

Brand new and very rare 30 pieces used it less than 5 times and stay in a box in good condition in a room Number #B013 For more questions or best price contact me • 64 pages (patterns). • Four tracks per page, with 16 steps each. • Four concurrent pages (ie. 16 concurrent tracks). • Control over velocity, pitch, length and start points, MIDI channel and MIDI Continuous Controller data for each track. • Individual and editable runtime directions for each track. • Polyphonic steps of up to seven notes (*chords or multi-trigger). • Track self-modulation, via step events. • Cross-modulation of tracks (via the Effector). • 32 MIDI channels via two dedicated MIDI ports. *Each step can hold a seven‑note chord, recorded in real time or entered manually, but there are restrictions caused by the way data is displayed. Genoqs represent note values by LED colours, and just three colours are available. This translates to a three‑octave span for the notes of your chord (each octave gets its own colour) and means each note can only be used once. Still, chords are a major plus, and a strumming feature can be used to break up the chord rhythmically, in an upwards or downwards direction.


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