Roland D-70 / D70 - PKN SUPER STRINGS sysex bank - (sent via email)

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Roland D-70 / D70 - PKN SUPER STRINGS sysex bank - (sent via email)

New programmed patches (2020) for your Roland D-70 synthesizer sent to you via email: PKN D-70 Super Strings (PKN-D-70-06 ) 64 Performances, 128 patches. Most patches using the U13 PCM card 'Super Strings'. If you don’t have this card, you can’t use this soundbank! Some classic D-70 patches renewed with the Super Strings and also edited patches from the Expanded Factory Bank added to the first work of string patches with a lot of variations (see Audio preview Demo on Youtube). The most of the patches of the demo have been slightly tuned up. Sounds like: LFO Strings, DipDab strings, and Internal patches programmed with superstrings: Prologus S, AsianPad S, G-Finale S. Demo on Youtube Zip file with: sysex bank and sound lists (pdf). Files will be sent via email after payment. Digital files cannot be returned. Of course we I offer support with your purchase. You buy from the programmer. (Test before buying if your D-70 is working with sysex file transfer. D-70 with firmware prior 1.14 might have trouble with this)


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The soundbank will be mailed to your e-mail adress , these are attached .zip files containing sysex file(s) and pdf's. So no additional shipping costs.

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