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    Hi! Welcome to my shop. It's a place where you can find extremely rare, handcrafted guitar pedals. Apart from being unique, my pedals are also eco-friendly. I always try to build them from scrap or throwaways. One man's garbage... Out of many materials, wood is my definite weapon of choice. Apart from being easy and predicable to work with, it is plain beautiful, and happily takes different types of finishes. I always try to make any available scrap useful. Leftover flooring wood remains, unused palletts, fruit boxes - you name it. After approproate tooling and processing, I'm able to convert unpromising pieces of scrap into both good looking and durable enclosures. Topped with an aluminum or brass plate, they really look killer. Ocasionally, I'll use readily available aluminum Hammond boxes. I must say, however, that I find it far less satisfactory. I mostly make fuzz, distortion and overdrive pedals. The number of unique tones you can squeeze out of a seemingly simple circuit is endless. That means endless fun tweaking and designing new circuits. As for the elements I use - I don't discriminate. Different hearts beat inside my boxes - from old, vintage germanium transistors to modern op-amps. I also take on commissioned work. Making a pedal in a series length of one is nothing new to me, so if you want an ultra-personalised design or build, feel free to contact me. Building guitar pedals has become my greatest hobby. I'm really glad to be able to share it with you. Hope you find my work enjoyable.

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    If there's anything wrong with a pedal you ordered, contact me. We'll sort that out. Bought it, don't like it, want to return it? Not a problem at all. You ship it back, I pay you back the moment I receive it. Want a pedal modded before or after purchase? Not a problem, contact me :)

    Note: Please check the return policy on each individual listing as some items may be sold “As-Described” and not eligible for a return.

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