Parallel fuzz / distortion! Analogwise Pedals The Warmongrel

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Analogwise Pedals

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Parallel fuzz / distortion! Analogwise Pedals The Warmongrel

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. You're looking at The Warmongrel by Analogwise Pedals. A handmade fuzz / distortion pedal. Demo video: Here's what it is, in a nutshell: - Fuzz and distortion in parallel. You can mix the two effects to your liking. - The fuzz / distortion can be mixed with your clean signal. - The Boost switch turns the blendable clean into an overdrive and further pushes the two drive stages. - Five-point tone control lets you precisely dial in the sound. - Dimensions: 17x14x4cm. - The pedal ships free worldwide. Interested in some more details? Read on. I'll try to explain what the pedal does by saying what happens the signal plugged into it. The first thing it meets is a buffer / booster. The signal then gets splitted. One part goes into your "blend" knob. It lets you add some clean uder (or over) the distorted notes. The other part of the signal hits the inputs of two separate circuits - fuzz and distortion. You can control the gain and volume of both those stages. The "dist" and "fuzz" controls set their volume in the overall mix. When the boost switch is engaged, the blendable clean turns into an overdrive, and the signal that hits the input stages of fuzz and distortion gets boosted - turning the two into more aggressive units. The boosted fuzz and distortion can now be mixed with an overdrive, using the "blend" knob. You can control the tone with five knobs. "Tight" cuts some low end when turned clockwise. It only affects the signal at the inputs of the fuzz and distortion units. It is also the only control that affects the blendable clean / overdrive. When turned fully clockwise, it also turns the fuzz into a glitchy, 8-bit circuit. Next up: "tone" knob. It's the global tone control. More bass and less treble when turned to the right, more treble and less bass when turned to the left. After that, you can fine tune your tone with "mid", "lo", and "hi" knobs, controlling the midrange, the low end and the high end, respectively. (side note: midrange control is most notable when "tone" knob is not set in any of its extreme positions). The "vol" knob controls the output volume. The pedal is made in true bypass topology. You can power it up with a standard, centre-negative 9V DC jack you use for most of your other pedals. The pedal gets shipped from the centre of Europe, worldwide, for free. It is under a one year guarantee.


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