Oberheim XPANDER PSU Universal AC

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Oberheim XPANDER PSU Universal AC

The OBERHEIM XPANDER is one of the most classic synthesizers ever build, halve a Matrix 12. The original PSUs heat and noise is well known and we decided to replace it with a new design. The new design is reliable working in our gear for more than 6 years now and we fitted in many customer XPANDERS. Solid and reliable design (in house installations >30 machines) / Universal AC input / full range 88-264VAC, 50/60Hz / Substitutes all original OBERHEIM PSU parts / Main transformer is CE certified / Fully encapsulated, no EMV issues / Solid crimp connectors, NO input voltages on the PSU PCB / Protections: short circuit / overload / over voltage / no heat / Easy to install / CNC milled aluminum main plate for a direct plug in. No additional bores needed. CAUTION: the XPANDER’s voltage looms are soldered directly on the PSU PCB – there are no connectors on the PSU PCB – but we have seen XPANDERS with connectors on the PSU PCB, just a few. Please let us know which version you have. If you are not sure, post a pic of your PSU PCB.


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