No Moon - overdrive into distortion by Analogwise Pedals

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Analogwise Pedals

Warszawa, Mazovia, Poland




No Moon - overdrive into distortion by Analogwise Pedals

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. You're looking at "No Moon" - an analog, handmade pedal that houses two circuits - an overdrive and a distortion. The circuits are connected in series. First up, your guitar signal meets the overdrive. Two different LEDs in the soft clipping circuit produce a crunchy, asymmetrically clipped sound that is then sent into the distortion circuit - with two silicon diodes providing asymmetrical hard clipping. The legendary 4558 chip is beating as the heart of both those circuits. The tone control circuit provides a very wide range of sounds. "Chills up your spine" cold toanz dwell on the counterclockwise extreme of the tone knob. "Make your speakers go ooof", warm bassy richness can be found on the other extreme of the scale. Al sorts of sweetness in between. Demo video: The pedal is true bypass and is powered through a standard, center-negative DC jack. You feed it 9 Volts. Your pedal ships out of Poland - smack dab in the centre of Europe. Wrapped up safe and cozy. Takes about two weeks to get into the U.S., about 10 days to get to most European countries. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me! Thanks for watching and have a great day! Or night!


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