Korg Radias Synthesizer

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Korg Radias Synthesizer

It's a Korg Radias! For the prices these things go for, and the capabilities they have... I'd almost consider them one of the better valued hardware synths out there in the market. Great fine-grit Mid-2000's Virtual Analog: - 24 Voices - 2 Osc [Third kinda hidden] - 2 LFO, 6 Virtual Patch Points - 3 EG - 2 Filters - 2 insert FX + 1 Master FX - Great Arp + Sequencer - 3 part Modulation Sequencer - 4 Timbres! - DWGS system that the Korg DW-8000 has! Unit, as you can see, has some velcro on it. I can remove the velro if desired. The blank panel was a great home for my KP3 and Soma Pipe. I -really- like the sound of the Radias and I believe it fits my textures very well, However I sent from having 3 synths to having 7, so I gotta make some cuts. Goodbye lovely Radias, I'll miss you. There is some slight scratchiness on the main volume knob which has never disturbed me enough to warrant fixing. Price reflects this and by purchasing this item, you acknowledge the existence of this flaw.


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