Just Drive by Analogwise Pedals - parallel fuzz and overdrive

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Analogwise Pedals

Warszawa, Mazovia, Poland




Just Drive by Analogwise Pedals - parallel fuzz and overdrive

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Drive Valley consists of two independent circuits, placed together in one eclosure. To the left, you have the "silicon overdrive" section - which is a not-so-mellow overdrive, with the venerable 4558 chip beating as its heart. To the right, you'll find the "germanium fuzz" section, with two NOS Soviet germanium transistors boosting your signal. You'll find the actual fuzz tones towards the end of "gain" control. Going from left to right, it will take you from a hairy boost, through overdrive, distortion, intro fuzz territory at the end of its travel. Demo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekEAHXL37UM The Soviet transistors that make up this side of the pedal have not seen daylight in well over 30 years. I myself ripped the paper seal off the box holding them. With these two bare hands. There's something magical to that, and I believe some of that magic was poured right into that stompbox. This is not a super high-gain pedal, especially on the germanium side. But it will add that grit to the sound coming out of your speakers, that texture that will almost make your tone tangible. Both circuits are connected in parallel. You can freely mix the amount of one over the other with their respective volume controls. Each circuit also has its indepentend gain and tone controls. The enclosure which houses your pedal is a quite unique piece, too. Some time ago, I've decided to only use recycled, upcycled, scavenged or repurposed wood. It may not be the squarest one, it may have dings and pieces missing - but hey, if not here, it would end up in a dump site. Or burned away for heat, energy or recreation. I say it's better if it serves recreation purposes as a housing of a dirt pedal for your guitar! The pedal is made in true bypass topology. You can power it up with a standard, centre-negative 9V DC jack you use for most of your other pedals. The pedal gets shipped from the centre of Europe. It is under a one year guarantee. You don't like the pedal? You send it back, I pay you back the moment I receive it. No questions asked. You pay for return postage. The pedal arrived dead? You ship it back, I ship replacement, I cover your shipping costs. The pedal arrived alright, but you want more bass / less bass / more treble / less treble / more gain / a switch to do this, a knob to do that, etc, etc.? You contact me and we work this out. Every pedal I make can be further tailored to your individual needs. You have any more questions? Feel free to shoot me a mesage. Have a great day! Or night!


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