Seller Feedback

  • Giving a seller your feedback helps not only them, but also any future buyers get an idea of what your interaction was like.

    Writing a review could also help boost a seller’s reputation through star ratings and will also give them the information they need to improve their services.

    Here’s how you can write your own review:

    Step 1: Go to the seller’s Shop and click on the Feedback tab. Here you’ll see other buyers’ reviews and their star rating.

    Step 2: Click on the “Write a Review” link.

    Step 3: In the “Make a Review” dialog box, you’ll find the following:

    • Buyer/Seller – Select “Buyer”
    • Star Rating – Give the seller a rating of your overall experience with them
    • Subject Field – Give your review a title
    • Feedback Text Field – Write your review here
    • Recommendation – Choose either “Yes” or “No” whether or not you recommend this seller to other buyers.

    Step 4: Click “Submit Review” to send your feedback or click “Cancel” to discard your review.

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