Closing a Deal

  • Step 1: Go to the Dashboard page.

    Step 2: Click “As a Buyer” then on “Offers Sent” to view the details of the recent offers you’ve made such as:

    • Item name
    • Name of Seller and their recent activity timestamp from the post
    • Posted price
    • Your offered price
    • The status of your offer
    - Highest Offer – You’re the top bidder of the item
    - (N)th Highest – Your current rank amongst other bidders
    - Rejected – The seller did not accept your offer
    - Sold – The item has been sold

    You also have the option to make a new offer by clicking on “Reoffer” or to rescind it by clicking “Delete.”

    You or the seller may also initiate a private conversation to express interest in the item or to negotiate its price.

    Once the seller accepts your offer, the item is marked as “Sold” and will be moved to your Purchase History page.

    Tip: Leave a nice review for the seller after closing a deal to boost their credibility.

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