My Shop

  • Once you've created your shop, it's best to provide some information for your customers.

    Step 1: Click on “Create/Edit My Shop.”

    Step 2: On the Create/Edit My Shop page, fill out all the required fields and images and click “Next Step.”

    Step 3: To add a shop location, click on the “No Address” box.

    Step 4: Under “Add New Address,” fill out the “Address Label,” “Street Address” and “Postal Code.” Select your Country, State/Province and City and then save with “Save New Address.”

    Note: To mark the address as the default shop location check “Mark as Default.”

    Step 5: To add more shop locations, click on “+ Add Another Address” and repeat Step 4. Click on the “Next Step” button to proceed to the “Shipping Policies” tab.

    Step 6: For the Shipping Policies, fill out all the required fields: Shipping Policy, Tax Policies and Shipping Rates. You have the option to write down or leave the “General Terms” and “Special Conditions” empty.

    Step 7: For the Shipping Rates, enter the amount of the shipping fee for the “Local Vicinity,” “Other City/State” and “International.” You can also add more locations and indicate their own shipping fees by clicking “+ Add More Locations.”

    Step 8: Once all the required fields are filled, click “Next Step” to proceed to the “Return Settings” tab.

    Step 9: Edit the buyers’ options to return items and attach files with item returns.

    To allow buyers to return items, check “Enable Returns?” on the Return Settings tab.

    To allow buyers to attach files upon returning items, check “Allow file uploads?”

    Specify the number of days a user can return an item in the “Return validity period” box.

    Step 10: Add options to the “Return Reasons” and “Return Actions” tab by clicking “+Add More.” Enter a title and its corresponding display order and the select “Save.”

    Step 11: Once the Return Settings have been edited, click the “Create Shop” button to save all changes.

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