Germanium fuzz / overdrive / booster - Pocket Rocket by Analogwise Pedals

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Analogwise Pedals

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Germanium fuzz / overdrive / booster - Pocket Rocket by Analogwise Pedals

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by. You're looking at a unique, hand-made, NOS-mojo laced overdrive / fuzz pedal. Two germanium transistors inside, about 40 years old. Taken from a sealed box. It can go from an almost clean boost to a super heavy fuzz, with all sweetest overdrive tones in between. It basically takes your tone, thickens it a bit and grows it a beard. This is the new verion - with graphics and labels etched into bare aluminum, instead of two coats of paint. The innards remain exactly the same. Demo video: Controls: The biggest, middle knob is your drive / gain control. It's the primary way to tame the pedal or unleash it. Top right knob sets the output volume. Lots of it on tap. Perfect for overdriving tube amps. The top left knob is bias control. Think of it as an additional drive control, or a boost control. Set it to 9 o'clock, set the gain knob similarly, and you've got yourself a bluesy, jazzy bit of crunch on top of that warm boost. Dime both the knobs and you're ready to audition for that Iron Maiden or AC/DC cover band. No tone control. It would only be a drag to what those vintage transistors can do. The pedal thickens your tone a bit. Adds some low end, cuts the highest of highs, but preserves the nice, natural shimmer. Other features: - true bypass; - standard, BOSS type 9-volt power jack; - 100% handmade. No two look exactly the same; - free priority international shipping; - money back guarantee.


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