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Mont-De-Marsan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France





I took the trouble to take many photos to show that this is probably the best preserved Future Retro Revolution on the market today. Purchased new in the USA, never used in my home except for testing. This Revolution sounds fantastic and is truly like new except for its physical age. I've had to move around a lot and thus have not been able to play some of my gear as I should, so the Revolution should go to a new owner who will give it the affection and play it deserves. The Revolution will be packed in a DOUBLE BOX and fully insured. The shipping price is slightly higher due to the extra size and weight + insurance and will be at the buyer's expense. The machine will be shipped from France. NO RETURNS - this is a rare vintage item in MINT condition - no matter how well packed, something can still happen, hence full insurance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


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Impossible to provide shipping rates when one doesn't know for what item ! Just filling in somethign random because that's about the dumbest question I have ever had to answer in a situation like this. NOT ALL ITEMS ARE THE SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT ! is this a joke?

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