FULL Eurorack Go 2x140 semi modular synth system LIKE NEW / BARELY TOUCHED

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Secret Records LLC

Madison, Wisconsin, United States




FULL Eurorack Go 2x140 semi modular synth system LIKE NEW / BARELY TOUCHED

Like new. Spent over $2000 on these modules, massive powered Eurorack Case, and patch cables. Used it for maybe a half hour on a couple recordings but I've bought tons of synths this year and decided this can go. You save $400 if you buy the whole system. If nobody grabs it I'll take it apart and sell it piece by piece. Okay, essentially this full case gives you: SEVEN Analog Oscillators ONE Dual Morphing Wave osc (Dove WTF) One crazy Sampler / Percussion Module (Future Retro Transient Plus) ONE 16 Step Sequencer (Pico Seq) THREE LFOs ONE Low Pass Filter TWO Multi Mode Filters SIX Envelope Generators ONE Audio Interface (Behringer 961 Interface. making it compatible with any other gear) ONE 4 Channel Mixer (Doepfer A-138b) ONE 2x140 Eurorack Powered Case ONE PILE of standard patch cables and "Hopscotch" style patch cables for daisy chaining, etc. Instead of buying all individual modules, I built this as a semi modular system so most of it can be used with no patch cables (just a couple midi cables). It's comprised of three classic analog synth clones (the Minimoog / Model D, Sequential Pro One, and EDP WASP) which depending how you configure it can give you 2 or 3 note paraphonic abilities. The above three synth modules all have modular patch points for more complex routing and for triggering the other modules. The Future Retro Transient Plus and Dove WTF modules were the most interesting & unique modules I could find. They can easily be incorporated into the system with a few patch cables to and from any of the above mentioned synth modules. Everything is like new and almost everything comes with the original boxes and everything. I ran out of room and must have tossed the box for the Go Pro case and the WTF box is gone. The three synth modules all have their individual cases (brand new / never touched) still inside the original boxes.


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