Elektron Machinedrum Mk II

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Elektron Machinedrum Mk II

Very well preserved and fully functional drum machine and sequencer. The Machinedrum is a drum machine based on five original drum synthesis methods. It features 16 drum voices with a vast amount of dedicated control per voice so that you can create the perfect beat every time. this fantastic set of voices have been combined with Elektron's powerful sequencing and effects engine to create an impressive tabletop instrument. 16 drum voices 1x specialized machine per voice 1x amplitude modulator per voice 1x 1-band EQ per voice 1x multimode filter per voice 1x sample rate reducer per voice 1x distortion per voice 1x LFO per voice 5 different drum synthesis methods 16 track Elektron sequencer Reverb, compressor, delay, EQ master FX MIDI sequencing 3 year Elektron warranty The sequencer The sequencer turns beats into unique compositions. Use the numerous LFOs and the powerful parameter lock feature, where each drum note can be assigned unique parameter settings, to obtain ever evolving and flowing rhythms. Track effects Each Machinedrum track has its own effect block. It consists of an amplitude modulator, a 1 band EQ, a flexible resonant multi mode filter, a sample rate reducer and a distortion effect. All track effects can be used simultaneously. Master effects The stereo Master Effects system is comprised of the Rhythm echo delay, the Gate box reverb, the Dynamix dynamic processor and the Master EQ. The master effects can affect all tracks routed through the main output. The audio inputs The two audio inputs will breathe new life in other gear. Process, reshape, modulate, and treat incoming audio with the Machinedrum sound shaping tools. Put that special Machinedrum signature on external audio equipment. Highly rewarding. MIDI duties The powerful parameter locks, the LFOs and numerous other functions are available when MIDI sequencing. Nearly all parameters and functions of the Machinedrum are possible to control from external devices as well. Drum voice features (x16) 1× Specialized machine 1x Amplitude modulator 1x 1-band EQ 1x Resonant 24 dB LP/BP/HP filter 1x Sample rate reducer effect 1x Distortion effect 2x Master effects sends 1x Assignable LFO Sequencer 16 tracks Up to 64 steps per pattern Swing, slide, accent 64 possible parameter locks on each pattern step Full realtime control Full MIDI support 384 MIDI controllable parameters Storage 128 Patterns 128 Kits 32 Songs


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