Death By Audio Rooms Stereo Reverb

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Death By Audio Rooms Stereo Reverb

What is it about a certain instrument that makes it so unique. A Fender Strat sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughn. A Les Paul feels and sounds like Led Zeppelin. Maybe its a chicken or the egg situation but I think. You get the point I’m trying to make. There are companies that make instruments that sound inherently unique to that company. Rupert Neve and his pre amps and compressors Akai and their MPC’s ARP and their line of Odyssey’s Marshall amplifiers, and so forth and so on. All of these builders have made something unique and special. With a character that many try to emulate but few if any at all actually accomplish. Death By Audio is a company that I believe will join these greats in the halls of rock and roll history. Theres something about a Death By Audio pedal that just makes you know its a Death By Audio Pedal as soon as you plug it in and crush that switch. Whether its the harshness of the switch itself, or the immediate face melting “Starts at 11”, screaming that immediately emanates from your amp. or the harsh ping pong and squelch of their delay pedals. Death By Audio pedals are beasts that need to be tamed. In the best way possible. When you get a new DBA pedal, unbox it and plug it in for the first time. Its like letting a hungry lion out of its cage. For the uninitiated it can be Jarring, or even frightening. For the musical adrenaline junkies like me, it can bring a feeling of raw untamed power back to an instrument that they might have previously lost interest in. Thats what caused me to take notice of Death By Audio. Back in the late 2000’s I was deep in my synth cave happily noodling around with my Moogs and Korgs and beginning EuroCrack obsessions. After years of playing guitar, I was bored. And I felt like I had heard it all before. Guitars Are Over! I proudly proclaimed multiple times in embarrassing blog posts and whisky fueled nights at the pub. Guitar pedals are boring! Guitarists are boring! LONG LIVE THE SYNTHESIZER! I had moved onto better things. More obscure things. More “Intelligent things” When I discovered Death By Audio… all of that changed. Or I guess I should say when I discovered the Owner of Death By Audios Shoegazer Noise Rock, Band A Place to Bury Strangers. In a little dingy club, in Fresno. Where I had performed myself many times…Three dudes from Brooklyn blew my mind…… my life quite literally changed that night. Rock and roll was dangerous again. Maybe it had always been dangerous, but its like how electricity is dangerous, we all know its dangerous. But we’re so used to living with it that we start taking it for granted. And next thing you know, Everybody’s listening to Maroon 5 and Black Eyed Peas and trying to pass it off like its rock and roll. After that show I couldn’t hear a thing. For weeks. But I went home and dug out my guitars and havent put them away since. From that point forward, Death By Audio has always inspired me to make better music. More Unique music. More Captivating Music. I became a believer in Death By Audio. And clearly ive been a huge fan ever since. And I was happy just being a huge fan. Grabbing whatever pedal they released whenever they released it. Plugging it in and expecting it to be amazing, and not being let down at all. Through multiple Fuzz Wars, Evil Filters and reverberation Machines, I recorded albums and songs by myself and with other people and I was quite happy to just continue on that way until the end of time. And Thennnnnnn. Last year… before any of us had any idea that we wouldn’t be able to leave our actual rooms…. They released ROOMS. A glorious Reverb machine that had the power to take you on a journey through time and space the moment you plugged it in… Also, The first Pedal from Death By Audio built on DSP Technology. If you had thought they were ruining their winning formula of total analog sonic insanity by introducing nice pretty and safe Digital Signal Processors into their pedals, then I’d accuse you of not paying attention to this company. Do you really think the mad scientists at DBA would mess with success? Maybe… The great Neil Young once said, after he achieved massive success with Heart of Gold and After the Gold Rush. That he got bored of the Road, so he headed for the ditch. So it wouldn’t be the most un rock and roll thing you could do. To change things up immensely. Sometimes that can end in disaster, but much in the way that Neil Youngs Ditch gave us some rock and roll classics like Tonights the Night and Zuma, Death By Audio gives us ROOMS. Death By Audio Isn’t the first pedal company to give us a DSP Powered cavernous reverb box. Far from it. But they are the first that does it in true DBA Fashion. Up until now, EVENTIDE and Strymon were the kings of DSP Reverb and I previously felt, if youre gonna have a DSP Reverb pedal, then a Strymon or Eventide are the ones to have However, An Eventide pedal this is not. Instead DBA kept their wits about them as they ventured forth into this strange new world of digital algorithms while managing to avoid the perfectly controlled space that is typically common for other digital reverb boxes. Even with 6 modes, the rooms can prove to be an adversary before it becomes an ally. In true death by audio fashion. But it is a beast worth taming, and once you do, You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that sounds like it or proves to be as useful in your signal chain. In a time when reverb can come across as overused and cliche, especially for us shoe gazers, much like chorus in the 80s, Rooms offers something truly unique with its ability to cut through your mixes while still achieving what it came to do. Glue things together while standing up proudly on its own two feet. Players take note. Its time to experiment. While the mono mode is breathtaking, and can make any signal sound unique and inspiring, The stereo mode is really where ROOMS shines. It makes you feel like you’re floating in a deep dark cavern while reaching out looking for something to grab onto. The atmosphere that this box can pull off is just something I’ve never heard before. Other DSP Reverb pedals always sounded too pretty to me. Too safe. Too controlled. In pure DBA fashion The Rooms is the opposite of this. You’re gonna be flying behind a jet airliner through black holes of insanity as soon as you turn this guy on. But if you dont want to always be flying through a dark hole at a million miles an hour, with a bit of finesse and understanding you can always dial it way back for some really nice bluesy tones. Something I mentioned to Oliver after I received mine. To which cheekily responded “Wait a Minute, did I send you the blues version?” Another really great feature of this pedal is the alt mode. Its perfect for switching between those two extremes in a live playing environment. With a dedicated switch that controls another 3 dedicated knobs for frequency, depth and time. in a split second you can jump between that total sonic jet engine vacuum insanity or that dialed in slap back bluesy vibe tone I previously mentioned. Or you can just have two totally insane settings to jump back and forth from. Either way whats nice about it is, its not an immediate switch up when you hit the Alt. It smoothly warps back and forth from one setting to the other. Back and forth. While this may be Death By Audios first foray into DSP Reverb, its not their first into reverb in general. And for fans of the Reverberation Machine, this pedal won’t leave you out in the cold. In fact Rooms has replaced my reverberation machine, or at least its moved it over to my drum machine snare full time. For you producers out there, The Rooms is an EXCELLENT choice to have in your signal bus. In a future video, I’ll show exactly how great this works. But in the meantime I grabbed a second one to just have wired in 24/7. Yes its that good. Ive got one on my Pedal Board as well as one in my outboard effects rack. Combined with the power and control of whatever DAW you’re using, The Rooms with its Stereo In and Out proves itself to be a massive tone and atmosphere shaper. So if youre like me and you’ve been bored with guitars and effects pedals in the past. Or you’re just trying to find something new and exciting, then I suggest you check out Death By Audios Rooms. Its something really special. Something really new. And I cant wait to see what Death By Audio comes up with next.


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