Blackstar Series One S1-50,power scaling,EL34 British tube valve superb amp

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London, England, United Kingdom




Blackstar Series One S1-50,power scaling,EL34 British tube valve superb amp

absolutely no zero feedback buyers unless contact is made prior to purchase. super amp for rock, pop, etc....I will never understand why people get these nasty, digital “tube amp simulators” when they can get the real thing and actually sound like it. With this amp you can get cranked sound at bedroom volume levels. Comes with original foot switch.The amp is in nice solid condition, and of course works great. has a couple of light scratches, but who’s going to look, unless it’s Vanity Fair or something. The lower wattage tube amps often are cathode biased. This means the power amp distortion is softer and spongier. Great if that’s what you want, but for cranked Mesa or Marshall power amp distortion, you need a 50 or 100 watts amp, because these are almost always fixed biased. Such is the case with Blackstar. With this amp you can do it all from The Who to Van Halen and everything in between, at MUCH lower volume levels! The amp will be EXPERTLY packed. Leave it to me and don't worry about a thing. Of course, the amp will be sent fully tracked and insured. I leave nothing to chance. I will ship this almost anywhere, as per listing. Contact me for any postage costs and location not already specified.


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