Antelope Audio Discrete 8 Silver + Premium Upgrade Pack + Edge Solo + Bitwig

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Antelope Audio

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Antelope Audio Discrete 8 Silver + Premium Upgrade Pack + Edge Solo + Bitwig

he perfect home setup! The end of a hard year is almost here and despite the obstacles we've faced in 2020, we've decided to not let it darken one of the happiest holidays of the year - Christmas! With that in mind, we're extending our Dream. Create. Aspire. campaign to include the Discrete 8 on Reverb only. Purchase a Discrete 8 before the 31st of January 2021 and you will receive an Edge Solo Modeling Microphone and Bitwig Studio DAW absolutely FREE. T&C's Limited stock offer Valid on Reverb only Purchase a classic Antelope Audio interface at an exceptional price. Buy directly from the Antelope Audio factory. A manufacturer refurbished Discrete 8 in premium condition including: 6 months of warranty No signs of use Original packaging and accessories Brand new performance Free worldwide delivery FREE Premium Upgrade+Edge Solo+Bitwig DAW Now with a complete FX library for producing and mixing. Discrete 8 Console-grade discrete microphone preamp interface Key Features: Real-time 3D mic modeling via FPGA engine 60+ Real-time FX 8 Console-grade Class A mic pres with discrete transistor design DC Coupled analogue line outputs Precise and recallable stepped gain control Dedicated knobs for each mic pres 4th Generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking FPGA FX models including BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf Audio classics NEW ConnectAFX Plugin for accessing the FPGA FX in your DAW 8 Analog ins on combo XLR (6 mic / line, 2 Hi-Z / mic / line) 8 Analog line outs on DB25 Thunderbolt & USB connectivity A pair of monitor outs on TRS 2 Stereo headphone outs 2 Reamps 1 Word Clock input 3 Word Clock outputs Dual Footswitch Additional digital connectivity via S/PDIF and 2 ADAT’s Talkback mic & button on front panel Up to 4 individual monitoring mixes with FPGA FX Create & share custom presets Remote control via Mac/PC/iOS/Android apps -SPECIFICATIONS: ANALOG Analog Inputs 6 x Mic / Line Inputs 2 x Mic / Line / Hi-Z Inputs Analog Outputs 1 x Monitor Out on TRS 1/4 Jacks, +20 dBu max 1 x ReAmp Out on TRS 1/4 Jacks 1 x Line Outs on DB25, +20 dBu max 2 x Stereo Headphone Outputs Mic Preamp EIN: -128 dBu (A-weighted) Dynamic Range: -121 dB (A-weighted) THD: -106 dB Max input: +18 dBu Gain Range: 65 dB D/A Monitor Converter Dynamic Range: 124 dB THD + N: -101 dB A/D Converter Dynamic Range: 121 dB THD + N: -112 dB D/A Converters(Line Out) Dynamic Range: 121dB THD + N: - 100dB DIGITAL Digital Inputs 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH) 1 x S/PDIF Digital Outputs 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH) 1 x S/PDIF USB 2.0 I/O USB 2.0 Type B connector Thunderbolt Thunderbolt connector CLOCKING Word Clock Input 1 x Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz Word Clock Outputs 3 x Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz Clocking System 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking 64-bit DDS Sample Rates (kHz) 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 Other Operating Temperature 0-50°C, 32-122°F Weight (Approx) 3.0 kg/ 6.61 lbs Dimensions (Approx) Width: 483 mm / 19” Height: 44 mm / 1.7” Depth: 220 mm /8.6” Power Consumption 20 Watts Discrete 8 Premium Pack: AFX2DAW (Mac OS/Thunderbolt only) FX-To-DAW Bridge Bae-1073MP Preamps & Channel Strips Mic/Line Preamp BEST SELLER Impresser Dynamics Processors Stereo Knee Compressor/Limiter BEST SELLER Stay-Levin Dynamics Processors Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Power Gate Dynamics Processors Noise Gate Power EX Dynamics Processors Expander Clear Q Equalizers Parametric EQ PowerFFC Dynamics Processors Feed-Forward Compressor VEQ-HLF Equalizers Tube 2-Band HPF/LPF Veq-1A Equalizers 2-Band Tube EQ VMEQ-5 Equalizers 3-Band Tube Mid-Range EQ Veq-4K pink Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-4K orange Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-4K brown Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-4K black Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Master De-Esser Special Processing De-Esser 11 x Shred Guitar Cabinets Guitar Cabinets Real-Тime FX Bundle 11 x Shred Guitar Amps Guitar Amps Real-Тime FX Bundle AuraVerb Reverbs Reverb Bae 10DCF Dynamics Processors Compressor/Limiter Reel-To-Reel Special Processing Tape Saturation Ba-31 Preamps & Channel Strips Germanium Mic Preamp Rd47 Preamps & Channel Strips Tube Mic Preamp Vpa76 Preamps & Channel Strips Tube Mic Preamp Gyraf Gyratec IX Preamps & Channel Strips Dual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF Tubechild670 Dynamics Processors Vari-Mu Tube Compressor/Limiter Ba-6A Dynamics Processors Tube Compressor/Limiting Amplifier Liverpool Dynamics Processors Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Fet-78A Dynamics Processors FET Compressor/Stereo Peak Limiter Smt-100A Dynamics Processors Tube Leveling Amplifier/Limiter Alt-436C Dynamics Processors Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Amplifier Gyratec X Dynamics Processors Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Tube 176 Dynamics Processors Vari-Mu Tube Compressor/Limiter X903 Dynamics Processors VCA Compressor/Limiter Veq-STU 169 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF Vca160 Dynamics Processors VCA Compressor/Limiter Fet-A76 Dynamics Processors FET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier Veq-55B Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-HA32C Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-STU 900 Equalizers 4-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Veq-STU 089 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Bae-1023 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF Bae-1084 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Neu-W495 Equalizers 3-Band EQ Neu-W492 Equalizers 4-Band EQ Neu-PEV Equalizers 3-Band EQ Lang-PEQ2 Equalizers Parametric EQ UK-69 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF Veq-55A Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF/LPF Bае-1073 Equalizers 3-Band EQ/HPF


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